Scale Up

Scaling Social Change
This resource will help social entrepreneurs design solutions that have the potential to: Expand faster than the problem; Reduce the magnitude of the problem; Address a significant share of the problem; Create lasting improvements.

Social Enterprise Replication Overview
When a social enterprise has proven both the social impact and the financial viability of its model, growth can be a natural next step. However, whilst many resources exist to support social enterprises as they grow their original operations, growth through replication is a very different proposition and requires the social entrepreneur to take a different approach to its planning and strategy.



Choosing a Replication Strategy: The Affiliation Model
As one form of replication, affiliation offers social enterprises the opportunity to expand their social impact and operational reach by contracting with outside entities to deliver the model in new locations.




 Replication Readiness Overview
This guide aims to help social entrepreneurs assess their organisation’s readiness for growth or replication, and in so doing, enable them to make more informed decisions about replication and what may be involved.