Financial Management

mango-fmeFinancial Management Essentials: Handbook for NGOs
Mango’s Handbook is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of financial management for NGOs.  It is ideal for those with little experience of finance. Chapters include: Designing a finance system; Planning and budgets; Understanding accounts; Financial reports; Safeguarding your assets; Managing audit.



Financial Management Toolkit
The aim of the toolkit is to outline what is meant by financial management and to enable NGOs to develop simple finance systems so that they can manage their funds more effectively and achieve long term financially sustainability. The best financial systems are those that are very clear, simple and easy to follow. The more complicated the system, the greater chance that something will go wrong or that someone will make a mistake.


Financial Control and Accountability
This toolkit provides an introduction for the non-financial manager or leader on controlling the finances of the organisation in such a way that the organisation can be held financially accountable. The whole toolkit is geared towards enabling a leader to manage the finances in an informed and competent way.

Practical Financial Management for NGO’s 
In many NGOs financial management is given a low priority. This is often characterised by poor financial planning and monitoring systems. But NGOs operate in a rapidly changing and competitive world. If their organisations are to survive in this challenging environment, managers need to develop the necessary understanding and confidence to make full use of financial management tools.