Community Mobilisation

Umoja Facilitator’s Guide
Umoja helps church leaders and their congregations work together with the community to bring about positive changes for the whole community. It is a process that brings hope, self-esteem and transformation to churches and communities, and is based on over twenty years of experience of working throughout Africa and Asia. This book – the Umoja Facilitator’s Guide – provides everything you need to know to help a church and community become inspired and start working for transformation in the community.


Umoja Coordinator’s Guide
Umoja is a dynamic way of helping local churches to work together with their community in addressing needs using their own resources. It has brought remarkable transformation to local churches and their communities around the world. In order to start an Umoja programme in your church denomination or Christian organisation you will need an Umoja programme co-ordinator. This is the person who will take overall responsibility for starting and managing Umoja. This guide is written for them, and contains everything that they need to know.


Mobilising the Community
This guide takes the basis of the mobilisation process and shares it in a way that will help a well-organised and motivated group to use the process without outside help. It would be helpful to churches keen to support their communities or to any small groups or NGO seeking to bring changes that benefit local people. For church groups, the Bible studies at the back of the guide should be used as an essential and ongoing part of the process. They are best used in small groups, with time for everyone to discuss.


Awaken – Community transformation through literacy
Mothers’ Union, working together with Tearfund and USPG, have developed this resource in order to combine the Umoja Church and Community Mobilisation approach with an already successful literacy group education methodology. In this way we hope to enable illiterate people to not only become literate, empowered individuals, but also to equip them to play a key role in shaping and changing their communities for the better.