What we do

Coaching and Mentoring

For the past 5 years Sean Callaghan have provided executive coaching to the founders of social enterprises in the Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our clients have varied in their organisational development life cycle – we have coached a number through the start up phase, others through scale deep and consolidation of initial gains, while many others have been coached through significant scale up of their operations – both locally and internationally.

Sean developed a unique coaching framework that includes self-assessment tools to focus the coaching on three distinct areas: personal (work-life balance, burnout, stress management), idea formation (theories of change, strategy, impact measures) and organisational development (human resources, financial systems, marketing). He also developed impact measures and methodologies to identify both the individual growth in each of these core areas as well as the actual growth of the enterprises and their impact on the market. 

Executive coaching is generally offered in 90 minute sessions over Skype or by phone. Half day brainstorm sessions are also available on a face-to-face basis. Email us if you wish to book a coaching session.

Theories of Change and Strategy Development 

Sean Callaghan has over 20 years experience in strategic planning – over that time he helped hundreds of organisations (Social Enterprises, NGOs, and for profit business) to develop strategic plans and articulate theories of change. Sean’s approach is not one of classic consultancy, rather he uses intensely participative processes to help clients develop strategies and models that are both highly effective and deeply owned by organisational stakeholders. 

Our strategy development processes include 3-day participative workshops, consultancy support to draft robust strategic and business plans based on workshop outputs, and ongoing coaching of the executive team as they manage organisational transition and imbed the new strategies. Email us if you wish to engage our strategy development services.