What an outpouring of joy I witnessed today – dancing and singing and drumming and laughing and talking – celebrating water.

Donatilla (pictured) spoke so eloquently about the value of water to this community. How this well changes everything. How women would walk 10 miles a day to find water. How much time that took. What now could be done – with the time – with the water.

Donatilla lives in Burundi which competes with Afghanistan for the bottom slot on the Human Development Index making it one of the poorest countries in the world. But like any other society there are always those who are significantly more disadvantaged than others. In Burundi that place of depravation is reserved for the Batwa – landless and shunned by society – considered sub-human by many. Donatilla is Batwa.

This is where my friends Claude and Kelly Nikondeha are bringing transformation. It is such a privilege to journey with them as they serve the very least of the very least.

And even here at the bottom of the heap one needs vision, strategy, planning and evaluation. Here the impact of frameworks like Do no Harm and sustainable development literally mean life or death for people.

This is high wire trapeze and there is no safety net.