Toilets for pastors only

We drove for hours – south east out of Nairobi. We left the tarmac far behind. The further we drove the dryer it got. Dust and dirt and women walking miles each day to carry water on their heads.

And then this – a public toilet block on the side of the road – with certain facilities reserved for pastors. “What is this place I have come too? Where pastors have their own public toilets and people live in poverty.”

An hour later i noticed the landscape starting to change – there were green trees and birds and no women walking miles each day to carry water on their heads. I was told that this oasis was man made – result of the vision of one man – Titus – the man I had come to see.

Here there were over 1300 water pans, dug by families and their neighbours. Here simple agricultural

innovation has transformed poor peasants into exporters of fruit and vegetables. Here biogas fuels stoves and reduces reliance on charcoal. Here children go to school, and new homes are being built.

Here the west’s NGOs and governments come to marvel at the work of this old man who welcomed me into his world and shared his vision.

More than all of this the thing that struck me most was when he told me he was lonely – that he had no one to dream with, to learn from, to share his struggles and frustrations. And that’s where we come in – in our simple way we agree to journey with him – to be his friend – to challenge his thinking.what a privilege to be called to be with him.