Systemic Change

A couple of weeks ago Joni Powers and I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop for 16 incredible leaders from across the world. They came from Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Palestine, Papua, and Iraq.

Each of them is driving change in their communities and countries. Their work covers a wide range of issues: child protection, reconciliation, sexual violence, domestic servitude, food security, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and sex workers.

We spent time developing and refining theories of change for their work. Identifying the drivers of change, refining effective strategies, identifying impact indicators and brainstorming resource mobilisation.

As the week unfolded we kept pushing them upstream – identifying the underlying injustices that drive the issues they are passionate about and identifying ways to confront the injustice in ways that achieve systemic change.

Watch this space – some things are going to change. Legislation is being written. Policies are changing. Attitudes are shifting. Nations are being healed. People are finding freedom.