Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

I am an experienced ICF accredited leadership coach, providing coaching and mentoring services to business leaders and public sector leaders, as well as to the founders of social enterprises and non-profit organisations. My coaching and mentoring clients have varied in their organisational development life cycle and coaching needs. I have mentored a number through the start-up phase, others through scale-deep and consolidation of initial gains, some through the transition to new leadership, while many others have been coached through significant scale-up of their operations – both locally and internationally.

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executive business leader founder coaching Self-assessmentCASE STUDY: A comprehensive mentoring framework

For one of my clients, I developed a unique mentoring framework that includes self-assessment tools to focus the mentoring on three distinct areas: personal (work-life balance, burnout, stress management), idea formation (theories of change, strategy, impact measures) and organisational development (human resources, financial systems, marketing). I also developed impact measures and methodologies to identify both the individual growth in each of these core areas as well as the actual growth of the organisations and their impact on the context.